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FOUNDER – The Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado : PRESTOEXPERT Authorized Psychotherapist in New York State U.S.A. & State of Florida Christian Counselor
Mailing: 601 Market Street Unit #470153 Celebration, Florida 34747 – Tel: 407-997-3850
Memberships: Intl. Association of Cognitive Mentor Therapists,
International Federation of Christian Chaplains, Inc.
Contribution to Fields: Founder of the Cognitive Mentoring Methodology
Books Authored: Has over 30 titles being published!
Organizations: IPER, Arithmetai University , Cognitive Assistance Program , Rosado Marriage Maintenance Institute , Child Behavioral & Cognitive Development Institute, Macro-Psychoanalytical Laboratory & Cognitive Research Center, Employee Motivation Maintenance Institute, Compassion House , O.K.O.C., Cognitive Foundation Schools and others.


Celebration, FL, USA