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Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado
601 Market Street
Celebration, Florida 34747
Tel: 407-997-3850

email: arithmetaiuniversity

- Celebration, Florida
- Brooklyn, New York
- Allentown, PA

About Our Founder: The Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado

The Sheepfold Pentecostal Church, Inc.
Iglesia Pentecostal EL REDIL, Inc.
FOUNDER/PRESIDENT: Arithmetai University
The Rev. Gilberto Rosado
School of Psychotherapy, Cognitive Mentoring Science, MSGN School of Discipleship Science, C.S.O. Music School – Christian Symphonic Orchestra & Choirs.


Founder: U.S.A.E.E.D.I. – Unites Synergies Association for Educational & Economic Development Initiatives, Inc. Founder: S.E.A. – Society for Economic Advancement, Inc.
SPEAKER/AUTHOR Evangelism, Popular Theology, The Pictures of God, The Music of the Spirit.

COMPOSER/PROFESSOR – Guitar, organ violin. Compositeur ‘d Musique, Conducteur ‘d Orchestre


EMPLOYMENT BUSINESS HISTORY Warehouse Supervisor – Berklay Air Freight Forwarders. Entrepreneur -Queens Journal – A Community Newspaper: Editor-N-Chief.

Speakers Bureau Multi-Service –
Incorporations, Church Bylaws and Constitutions,IRS 501(c)3 filing, Certified Translations – Spanish / English Marketing Advertising – 20 yrs.

GRS Printing Services.

GRS International: Community Alert, Alert Series of Ad Publications.

Political Campaign Manager – Council District 27, Queens – Committee To Elect Rev. Ed Mc Kay.

PROFESSORSHIPS Professor – Seminary: Assemblies of God Theology Classes in English and Spanish for over 10 years which included: Dispensations / Systematic Theology / Old Testament /New Testament / Minor Prophets / Major Prophets / Poetic Books / Daniel Revelation /Eschatology (4th year level) / Epistles / Acts / Pastoral Theology / Church Administration /Pastoral Counseling / Church History / Gospels / Homiletics /Hermeneutics / Bible Orientation How to Study.

Director / Professorship – Christian Symphony Orchestra Music School. (School applying for accreditation).

PASTORSHIPS Asst. Pastor – Lily of the Valleys Church, Astoria Queens NY – 3 years.Asst. Pastor – Sheepfold Pentecostal Church, Woodside Queens NY – 5 years.Senior Pastor – Sheepfold Pentecostal Church, New York City (various locations) over 7 years – Present.

Founder Director of the MPL CRC: Macro-Psychoanalytical Laboratory Cognitive Research Center Specialized Affiliates – Sexuality Treatment Hospice, Re-Birth Youth Rehabilitation Centers


WORK U.S. Coordinator – Good News Ministry of Service, Inc. Seminar Speaker – Good News Ministry of Service, Inc. Theological School Administrator – Good News Ministry of Service, Inc. Seminar Developer. Seminars developed: ESL, Occupational English, Child Development, Business / Franchises.

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS – Community Development Center – PASP. Grant Writer – Community Development Center – PASP. Proposals written include: Teen Anti-Smoking Program,TANF Mentor Program Faith Based Collaboration,Entrepreneurial Model Pilot Program,Latin Health Development Project Controller – Community Development Center – PASP. Parade / Festival Special Events Coordinator – Community Development Center – PASP. Pilot Program Developer – Community Development Center – PASP. Pilot programs include: Entrepreneurial Model,Haitian Health Initiative,Pakistan / Hindu Language Immigrant services to families and children. CBO FBO Funding / RFP Researcher – Community Development Center – PASP.

ORGANIZATIONS FOUNDED P.E.A.C.E. – Protestant Emergency And Catastrophe Endowment U.S.A.E.E.D.I. – United Synergies Association for Educational Economic Development Initiatives S.E.A. – Society for Economic Advance B.E. – Bureau Economie (French speaking countries) I.A.C.M.T. – International Association of Cognitive Mentor Therapists I.A.P.C.M.T. – International Association of Pastoral Cognitive Mentor Therapists

COGNITIVE FOUNDATION SCHOOLS – Kindergarten/Child Care through High School C.C.C.M. – Chamber of Christian Composers Musicians

LICENSES Authorized Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst – NEW YORK STATE Licensed Life Health Insurance, Mortgage Agent – NEW YORK STATE.

LANGUAGES English. Spanish (speak, read write), skilled in live translation.

SPECIAL SKILLS Press Operator: Multi 1250, Chain Delivery. Windows 98, 2000 XP, FrontPage – Web Authoring, Word, Excel, Power Point, Desktop Publishing, Newspaper,Ad Marketing Concepts and Design, Internet Research, Possess special insight – psychological discernment applicative in Marketing and Negotiations, Election Strategem. Creative idea developer, solution and application strategist. Witty, sharp and intellectual.

Editing, proofreading, analyze copy for intended psychological appeal.

Negotiation, Public Speaking, Public Opinion Manipulation.

Counseling / Motivation / Productivity.

Composer / Song Writing.

Photographer SLR 35mm.


University Textbooks /i>A Necessary Pattern for Evangelism; Arithmetai University Cognitive Mentor Therapist Certification; Arithmetai University


Understanding the Bible and Religious Philosophy.

MUSIC MANUSCRIPTS – COMPOSITIONS Cantus Ad Deus Ad Gloria, Glorium Convocacion Tesalonicenses I, Donde Esta El Rey de Los Judios, Various Concerti for various instruments many songs – worship, hymns others.

TALENTS HOBBIES Play Guitar, Violin, Organ.Composer, Song Writer.

Genres: Classical, Country, Spanish, Light Rock, World Music / Folk.




An Hundred Upon Request.

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