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New Course Registration – Thank You Page

Congratulations! Welcome To Our Student Body!   Remember to visit the bookstore to purchase your course manual and other course material if not included in your tuition! You cannot start your classes until you have purchased and received your textbook and materials. E-books are emailed within a week from purchase.  Physical Textbooks require 2-4 weeks for processing and shipping.  All students who purchase an E-manual will usually also receive a physical textbook in 2-4 weeks time unless your course tuition includes the manual in which case you will only receive the e-manual.   All students wishing to also receive a physical text must purchase it separately in the bookstore.   We know that you have embarked on a life changing journey through one of our many offerings.  We hope that you will benefit greatly from our teaching and programs.  It is our expectation that you will be so appreciative of what we offer you that you will feel free and enthusiastic about telling others about our school.  Why not take a moment now and email a few friends about the class you have just ordered.  They may be interested in joining you as a student and that way you can have some interaction with another student close to you. And if you have a few friends that show interest in joining our student body, you should order the university recruiter authorization course here and qualify that way for commissions on those you bring to our student body.