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Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado
601 Market Street
Celebration, Florida 34747
Tel: 407-997-3850

email: arithmetaiuniversity

- Celebration, Florida
- Brooklyn, New York
- Allentown, PA

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Auto Buyer’s Club & Technology Business Instructor Certification Homeowner Buyer’s Club & Technology Business Instructor Certification Research Assistant & Technology Instructor Certification Free Travel Technology & Business Instructor Certification The Marriage Course Eight Day Basis For Human Development. Psychology & Faith Salvation Checkup Gaming Researcher & Technology Instructor Certification How To Absolutely Correct Sabbath Day Understanding – THEO 3000 Congregational Discipleship Course Corporate Cognitive Mentor Specialist™ Certification Course Level I College & Anti-Terrorism Cognitive Mentor Specialist™ Certification Course – Level 1 PCMT-222 Pastoral Cognitive Mentor Therapist Certification Course: Part 1 THEO 09 Understanding the Bible & Religious Philosophy Technology & Online Business Instructor Certification Earn While You Learn Program University Recruiting Certification Academic Mastery For Minority Families Free Indeed – Prison Ministry Basic Software Development For Business Marketing & Product Creation Internet Traffic Developer With Social Media Specialization Certification Life Coaching Certification – Cognitive Mentoring Therapy Success Coaching Certification – Natural Success Program From An F to An A Cognitive Marriage – Enhancing the Marital Bond Cognitive Parenting – A Dynamic Approach